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Top five study tips for students living abroad
As a student, it is essential for you to strike a balance between your social & academic life. Here are a few study tips for you.

Plan in advance
Devise a realistic study plan & start preparing for your exams as early as possible. Make the time table on a chart paper & put it up on the wall as a reminder. Study every day to be in a strong position during the exams.
Be organised
Collect all the study materials & store them properly to avoid running around for them when the exam is approaching. Join a library to access support books. You might also borrow them from friends to make copies.
Clear your doubts
Discuss your doubts with friends and professors. Along with fellow students, create a study group for better leaning. This activity will help you build a support group as well as a social network on campus.
Practice question papers
Make the best use of the question papers of previous years’ & formulate your answers in advance. This activity will help you to get an idea regarding the pattern of the examination. While writing the practice papers, don’t forget to keep an eye on the watch.
Manage stress
Eat well, take frequent breaks, & get involved in some leisure activities to keep your stress level down. Not only does exercising keep you fit but reduces your stress levels also. Study smart to score well in the exams & maintain your peace of mind.

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