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Study Abroad Intakes

In an academic year, colleges & universities abroad have several intakes. Thus, even if you miss one intake, you won’t have to wait for a year. You can try for the next intake in the same year.

What kinds of intakes are available?

Most foreign colleges & universities offer two intakes –Spring & Fall. Usually, the Spring intake starts in January & the Fall intake begins in September. In April, certain colleges & universities offer a minor intake. Also known as terms or semesters, intakes might vary with the program & institution. Check the website of your coveted institution to find out the available intake.

Want some help regarding which intake to choose?

Consider your test scores, academic records, the availability of the program, job opportunities, etc. before choosing an intake. Start working on your applications a year before the starting of your coveted program.

Which is the most preferred intake of Indian students?

Generally, Indian students prefer the September intake because it works in line with the completion of under-graduation in our country. Those who are interested in research programs prefer the Fall intake.

Learn about the upcoming intakes

Still confused regarding which intake to choose? Visit us & we will help you make the right choice. Opt for our free counselling sessions wherein our experts will help you with the course selection, application process, offer letter, visa process, & so on & so forth.

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Free Counselling

Proficient and experienced, our counsellors help students identify their professional goals. Because of that, our students can make well-informed academic decisions.


Be it attestations or translations - we help students legalise and authenticate the documents required to complete the admission procedure with ease.

Loan Assistance

Our loan assistance cell enables students to avail education loans from authentic financial institutions that are associated with the coveted institutions/universities.
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Inward Travel Guidance

With our assistance, students travel in a foreign country without any worries. Moreover, we provide airport pick up and drop off services to our students.


Finding a home away from home is an expensive and time-consuming affair. University hostel or private accommodation, we help students take their pick.

Passport Assistance

During the passport application process, our team constantly supports and guides the students. The admission letter provided by us facilitates the students to secure their passports immediately.
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